Elopement Bride and Groom leaning against tree
Bride at home with a portrait of her as a young child on wall behind her
Couple smile at each other with the sun setting and the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in background
Gay couple hugging on wedding day
Bride and Groom kissing with Opera House in the background
Shichigosan at Miyajima
Sisters in kimonos at Miyajima


We’re John and Iku, and we’re photographers and storytellers. We love a good chat over a coffee, we love spending time in the outdoors, and we love taking photos -- but we really love being outside taking photos of people who love each other.

We’re based in Hiroshima, but we'll travel anywhere. We document love wherever it is and whatever it looks like and we're fully committed to diversity whether by race or creed or orientation. From cozy family sessions at home to big fancy parties to watching the sun come up on top of mountain with just the two of you — wherever you want to celebrate your love we’ll be there to capture the memories.


Get in touch by email or using the form below. If we’re in the same place we’d love to catch up over a coffee (or a mid-week vino!) or if we're not let’s set up a Skype date.

Either way, we can’t wait to meet you!