Bride and Groom kiss in tall grass with the sun setting behind them.


Ahh, the $64,000 question!

(Just kidding, we’re not that expensive!)

Our couples, family, and newborn portrait sessions start at ¥30000 and our wedding coverage starts at ¥130000. We quote elopements individually based on what you have in mind, so get in touch for a full price guide. Our coverage includes all data, with images delivered online via a password protected web gallery for friends and family that will stay online for 3 months.

We also travel! We're based in Hiroshima but split our time between Japan and Australia, so Aussies get in touch! We can organise travel to most parts of the world, just drop us a line and we'll get back to you with more details.

We can also do prints and books, just get in touch to find out more.


Are you LGBTQI Friendly?

Heck Yeah! Because Love is Love, and screw the haters. We welcome diversity in all forms, be it race, gender, orientation, or creed. We are a diverse family (Iku is Japanese and John is Chinese-Australian) so we understand that sometimes challenges are presented to us, but we believe there are far more that we have in common than sets us apart.

What's it like working with you?

Ahh! Well first of all we're both pretty chill, go-with-the-flow kinda people, so we try to bring a relaxed happy vibe with us. We want to capture happy memories so try to encourage a fun environment and let spontaneous moments happen. For weddings we try to disappear amongst your guests so we can capture those moments, but we do get a little more hands on giving direction for portrait sessions. Either way we keep it light and fun!

Can we meet you?

Of course! For Weddings and Elopements we always meet our couples so we can chat about what you have in mind and how we can help. If we're in the same place at the same time we're always up for a coffee or a cheeky drink; if not we can set up a Skype meeting.

For portraits we usually meet on the day, but we're always happy to schedule in a Skype date for a quick chat before hand!

Do you travel?

We love to travel, and we will totally come on an adventure with you. For destination weddings and elopements we usually roll solo, and we charge a full day’s coverage + travel costs -- generally includes costs for getting there and back along with three night’s accommodation and car hire/taxi charges while we're there.

We also have specific arrangements for travel within Japan, get in touch and we can run you through the options.

How long does it take to see the photos?

For weddings we usually do a highlights gallery within a week and deliver the finals within a month. For portraits it's between one to two weeks. If you need a photo for a specific purpose before our usual delivery schedule let us know and we can rush something out to you.

How do we get our photos?

We deliver all online via a password protected web gallery. From there you can download high res and low res files, share it with family and friends, and if you're after prints or books you can order from there too.

What if it rains?

Bring your wellies and we'll bring ours! We love a bit of weather, some of our favourite photos were taken in the rain. But seriously, for portrait sessions we will try to postpone if possible, and for weddings there's usually a Plan B we can fall back to. If changing the date isn't on the cards, and it is safe to be outside, we'll just roll with it and have fun in the rain!

We want you to be our photographer! What do we do next?

Amazing, thank you! Get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to chat and discuss next steps!


Get in touch by email or using the form below. If we’re in the same place we’d love to catch up over a coffee (or a mid-week vino!) or if we're not let’s set up a Skype date.

Either way, we can’t wait to meet you!